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English conversation and grammar.

One-to-One Lessons

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Lesson Types

These are popular lessons.

Our teachers will help you to speak as much as possible on a wide range of topics. These lessons are designed to improve your fluency and accuracy when speaking . Fun and focused lessons 55 min lessons to practice grammar naturally, for beginner to advanced students.

General English

Coursebook orientated.

These lessons follow a coursebook syllabus and there is much more focus on grammar. The course is available to all levels of English student and all the materials are provided.

Business English Lessons

Our business lessons cover all the essentials for using English in a business environment. Confidence is key and this course gives you the tools to express yourself.

Become aware of your English mistakes

During a lesson teachers will make you aware of your grammatical mistakes and also address pronunciation issues.

Many students never have anyone correct them and make them aware of their mistakes. These bad habits can go “unchecked” for years.


Interesting Lessons

Learn English while learning about Music/Art/Movies/world history and current affairs. Please look at our conversation classes page for more info.

Skype, Zoom, and Whatsapp make it easy for you to have online lessons

Evening and weekend lessons

We understand that most people have very busy lives. That is why our teachers are very flexible and teach in the evenings and at weekends.

All you need is a good connection

If you have a stable internet connection.then 'your good to go!'
It does help if you have a headset or headphones but these are not essential to have lessons on Skype or Zoom.

Video or audio

It's up to you if you would like video or audio lessons. Sometimes students connections are not strong enough to do video lessons.

                                                           Speak with a Teacher


  • Our platform is made in the UK by native English teachers and developers. Our teachers have a vast amount of classroom and online experience and all posses a TEFL or CELTA qualification.
  • We offer unique lessons which are designed to be informative fun and progressive. All our lessons are 1-to-1 and there are no group lessons. Sometimes students would like ‘audio only’ lessons which is fine.
  • If you have an important job interview, presentation or meeting coming up and need to practice in English. We can help you.


We aim to make language learning progressive,fun and targeted for you. Many of our students have particular aspects of English they want to focus on. Simply let us know what kind of lesson you are looking for then we can find the perfect teacher for you.

Skype and Zoom lessons are perfect for English lessons, please  take a trial lesson to see for yourself.

lessons for your needs

All Teachers have a minimum of 5 years experience

Teachers have to complete our training program

Teachers can easily adapt the lessons to your needs

Every teacher has a TEFL or CELTA Teaching Certificate

Lesson Convenience

The great thing about having lessons online is that there are no travel costs! Book you lesson and relax with a coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Progressive Learning

Our course offers constant reflection on your progress. Teachers review your progress after every 5 lessons. Learning a language is so much  about memory and internalising what you have learnt.


If you have free time and would like homework, great. This is a very good way to boost your progress. Just mention this to one of the teachers.

what our Students have to say

When would you like your free 15 min trial, What is your Skype/Whatsapp ID? The teacher will add you.

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