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Book an online English conversation class with a native speaker and learn English in a fun and natural way. 

One-to-One English Conversation Classes

100% Native Speakers

Speaking with a native is one of the best ways to practice speaking and get accurate feedback.

Affordable 50 minute classes

Very reasonable pricing for qualifed teachers

Interesting Classes

Lessons are designed to be interesting, fun and engaging

English Conversation Teachers

Pick Conversation Topics that interest you

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Instant Feedback and Corrections

Teachers give you lots of feedback and correct your English naturally

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Add the teacher to Skype and book a class even with short notice. Take classes as often as you like

How do the conversation classes work?

Choose topics that interest you.

Select from over 100 conversation topics below. Each lesson has unique content. It doesn’t matter if you discuss movies, history, current news events, or TED talks,

You will always learn and practice:


  •  New vocabulary
  •  Phrasal verbs
  •  Idiomatic language 
  •  Grammar
  •  Pronunciation
  •  Natural “real” Speech

Your conversational skills will increase with every class

Speaking Freely

In addition to the conversation topics,  you can also speak freely on subjects in your life. Maybe you would like to describe your day or what you cooked last night. The conversation classes are an excellent opportunity for you to use and practice English naturally with a native.

over 100 Conversation topics You can choose from!
British and American Differences
Movies and Reviews
News and Current Affairs
British Culture and Manners
Has Tech Taken Over?
Fashion and Design
Obsession with Sport
Hobbies that 'make us tick'
Art Music Drama
Streaming and the Music Industry
The end of Television?
Houses Around the World
Things you may not know about other cultures
The Lives of Fascinating People

                                                      Conversational Classes

-Good Diet Good Food

You will talk about what makes a good diet and learn about different approaches.

What makes us Happy?

How people find happiness in different ways.

Death from overwork?!

This class looks at the culture of overworking, especially in Japan.

Social Media Madness 

Has it got out of control and does it need more regulation?

Therapy dogs and animals.

Do they work and what stories people have of success.

Over priced Luxury Hotels 

In this class you will look at some of the crazy prices people pay.  

Religious or Spiritual?

People define themselves in different ways in the 21st century, why?

Does reading a novel help improve language learning?

What’s your experience, has reading helped improve your English?

Weird Laws of the world

In this class you look at an article about strange laws in different countries.

Video Games have overtaken the film industry, why?

Conversations around why this has taken place and a look at an article.

Sleep, what is the right amount?

In this class you will look at how different sleeping patterns work for people

Parenting and raising children

Different approaches by different families.

New Years Resolutions and the people who keep them!

Interesting Conversations
Every lesson is unique - All the materials are provided for free

Common Questions

During the class will teachers explain grammar points to me?

Yes. The lessons are based around conversation but the teacher will explain things naturally as they appear – You can ask the teacher as many questions as you like.

Do I need to download anything for these classes?

Everything is provided. Teachers will give you links to the material or you may read news articles. Sometimes teachers give links to TED talks for you to watch before a lesson. 

Who are the teachers and are they qualified?

Please click on the teachers page to see our teacher roster. Every teacher has to have a minimum five years experience and hold a recognised TEFL qualification.



What level do I have to be?

You can start at any level. Beginner to super advanced speakers will have the appropriate lesson material given to them.

Start with a free trial and begin practising English in a natural way!

Learning English doesn't have to be boring!