Practice your presentation in English with a native

Our native English teachers can help you prepare for your presentation for work/business or education. Do you have a presentation next week and you are worried your English is not ‘up to scratch’? (meaning at the level it should be). They can definitely help you in all areas of your presentation. Common issues include helping with pronunciation, vocabulary, confidence and will correct any mistakes you have in English and give suggestions.

Practice makes perfect!

This is true for presentations and the extra time you spend preparing your presentation will make a difference. If English is not your native language our teachers can help make you confident and have accurate, understandable English.The key thing is receiving lots of feedback and suggestions that will take your presentation to the next level of professionalism.

How can your teachers help me with my presentation?

They will boost your English ability and make you confident that you are using the appropriate:

    • דקדוק
    • הגייה
    • Tone/correct idioms
    • Vocabulary+Technical vocab
    • If you are using Powerpoint they will check your punctuation, errors, and give you lots of feedback
    • You will get lots of suggestions and tips to make your English sound as good/natural as it can to articulate your message

Our native teachers are friendly and approachable with many years helping people and giving them a higher level of confidence and accuracy before giving their presentations. It is very common for people to feel a little anxious doing public speaking, some people are natural speakers while others need quite a bit of practice. You can be sure that our teachers will help and guide and help you to choose the best English to make your presentation sound as good as it can.  


Can they help me with 'vocal projection' to make my voice sound more resonant and confident?

Yes. Some of our presentation teachers can show you techniques (these are common among professional actors) which will really give you voice a richer sound and show you how to project volume with ease. When you think about all the great speakers and orators such as Barak Obama, James Earl Jones, etc.  They all learnt these similar techniques to help give resonance to their voice. Often ‘it’s not what you say it’s how you say it’, being able to project your voice and feel confident in a good rich/resonant tone will give you extra confidence to focus on what you are saying.  

In addition, you will get help and exercises to help make your accent more neutral, these exercises will depend on your nationality and with pracitce you can gain great ‘accent reduction’. For example Japanese speakers suffer from “L’s and R’s”  and Italian speakers often put vowel sounds at the end of words. Your teacher will make you aware and help you reduce any issues you have.

Ok! So how can I book a 'Presentation Lesson'?

You simply message one of our teachers here and let them know your situation. Let them know when your presentation is, how much time you have to prepare. They will arrange a time to talk to you on Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp and youof course can have a free 15 minute trial to explain your situation to them.