Practice Your Job Interview in English with an English teacher online

Do you have a job interview in English coming up and would like to check your English and have real feedback?

Our teachers have a lot of experience helping students prepare for job interviews in English. These lessons are an opportunity to practice lots of questions that could come up in your job interview. Being well prepared for a job interview is a key factor in success and focused preparation will make you feel more relaxed especially if English is not your native language.

The Process

You can begin by booking a free lesson and the teachers will first identify any problem areas you have in terms of pronunciation and grammar. In the full 55 minute lessons your teacher will help you with these issues and you will have extensive practice simulating a mock interview.

  • You have the chance to practice typical questions that come up frequently in interviews:

Our teachers typicaly ask you over 50 mock job interview questions that could come up and specific ones relating to your job.

Some students predict that very specific questions will come up, often technical details about their job. Maybe you are an engineer and the interviewer will ask you something related to your industry. You can practice all of these questions with the teacher and feel more confident that your English sounds natural, is grammatically correct and sounds appropriate. 

Having accurate English will leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.

   Many students need to review specfic grammar points to boost their accuracy, plurals/singualars – articles (a / the) – prepositions, also the use of all tenses (past, present and future) might need to be reviewed.  After each lesson the teacher can give you homework to practice any aspects of English that are giving you difficulty.

Learn how to use vocabulary that will impress the interviewer

“I think I am a very conscientious worker in terms of _____”

“My colleagues would probably describe me as being upbeat and pro active towards new tasks that come my way”  



Teachers will listen to your responses and give you suggestions to enhance your answer. You will have lots of opportunity to practice so that you can get any new phrases and words into your active vocabulary. This extra practice is very beneficial as you will feel much more confident that you can articulate yourself well.

Our 'Mock job interview' lessons are designed to give you that extra confidence before your interview even for students with busy schedules.

A lot of our students have limited time and maybe their interview is very soon, in a few days or a few weeks. These lessons are designed to quickly focus on what needs to most worked on so you can create the best impression of yourself with accurate English that sounds professional.

Your CV - Checking and offering advice

Our teachers can also help you with your CV making it sound as good as possible and proofreading it for any errors. They will give suggestions and advice and make it as professional as possible.

Pricing for Job Interview English Lessons

Lessons are 55 minutes long and can be on Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp


One Lesson


5 Lessons


10 Lessons


All our job interview lessons are on Skype, Zoom Or whatsapp

Easy booking, the teachers are flexible, just message below and begin your free trial today.

Instant feedback and as much practice as you need

Teachers will give you honest real feedback on your mock interview and make helpful suggestions in every lesson,

Experienced Business English teachers

All our teachers are qualified especially in business. Many have experience in established langiage schools like Berlitz and Wall Street English.

Teachers teach At weekends as well as at night

Lessons to suit your busy schedule. Just let the teacher know 1 day in advance of your lesson time.