English Lessons via telephone - Learn English by Phone

Our native English teachers can teach you via telephone using a Voip connection. Some people find it easier to have lessons by phone. Practice speaking and have grammar corrections with a qualified teacher.

How Does it work?

The way the telephone lessons work is you start by deciding what kind of lesson and teacher you would like. You can then take a free trial 15 minute lesson. 

Please message us below with your requirements and leave your telephone number, email and timezone. The teacher will email you before the lesson to confirm your time and then will call you.

English by phone

The call will be free as our teachers use Voip (web to landline/mobile phone). They will call you on your given number and you will not have to pay for any phone charges.

These lessons are better for upper intermediate and advanced learners because the teacher will not be able to share a whiteboard with you. The teachers will correct your English and can also email you News articles and things to practice before the lesson starts.

Our Teachers

There are many kinds of lesson we offer and you can discuss you needs with the teacher to determine what kind of English phone lesson you would like.

Some students like conversation with corrections, other students have more specific goals such as practicing telephone/Business English. Simply let us know your lesson requirements and we will find a great teacher for you.

Telephone lessons with a teacher are 35 minutes long. You can book a trial lesson today and you can have a trial lesson within 24 hours in some cases.